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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Magnificent Moreton Bay

Glass Ocean ~ Looking out to King Island

Moreton Bay has got to be Brisbane's best kept secret. The Gateway to some of the world's largest sand islands, Moreton Island and South and North Stradbroke Island, and home to a large variety of marine animals and birds, the 125km wide expanse of blue water provides unlimited opportunities for sailing, boating and numerous other recreational activities.

Moreton Island in the distance

Moreton Bay contains several heritage-protected wetlands and mudflats which support a large proportion of Australia's bird species, as well as providing one of the most important breeding grounds for the increasingly rare Dugong, also known as 'sea cows' due to their grazing on seagrasses.


I am incredibly fortunate to live in the Moreton Bay area. Being able to walk along the waterfront each morning and experience the different moods of the Bay is a wonderful and inspirational way to start the day. And each day is so very different, depending upon the time, the date, the season, the weather and the tides.

Mud flats

Earlier this week I spent a very indulgent and relaxing day on the Bay on board a friend's yacht. I made an impulsive decision to drive the girls to school and then to take up the invitation of a day's sail during school hours!

Looking out into the early morning haze

It was a perfect, cloudless, warm Australian Winter's day, with deep blue skies and not a breath of wind! We packed our lunch, climbed aboard, cast off the ropes and left the jetty, motoring out through the leads into the Bay. The ocean was like glass, the only disturbance of the perfect surface being the ripples from our boat moving slowly through the still waters.


It was so surreal, like we were floating on a mirror with perfect reflections stretching out all around us. Everything seemed to be in slow motion, just like an old silent movie - a pelican gliding gracefully into the morning haze, a seagull perched on a bright green buoy, boats bobbing on their moorings as we passed, the weathered timber footings of a creaking jetty, a lone fisherman casting his line out on the shore.

Sea Eagle guarding his nest

Out on the open water, a very slight breeze arose and we optimistically cut the engines and put up the sails. We were not going to be getting anywhere fast, but it was pure magic!

The serene, empty Bay

No sound, just the gentle tinkling of the sails against the mast and the peaceful rocking of the boat. And no other boats in sight! It seemed as though we had the entire Bay to ourselves. Unbelievable! Where else in the world could you go out into a sheltered stretch of open ocean on an exquisite day like this and not see other boats doing the same thing?

Oyster lots marked by poles

The clarity and colour of the water was mesmerising and we sat and watched for hours as the dolphins frolicked playfully around the hulls of the boat, and the huge turtles and elegant manta-rays swam slowly and lazily beneath us, enjoying the warm sun and making the most of a beautiful day on the Bay!

Pelican in flight

Jetty at Wellington Point

Playful Dolphin

Magic in the water

Smiling Manta-ray

One of the few boats we saw on the water

Setting the sails

Fishing boat at Wellington Point

Calm waters of Moreton Bay

Jetty Reflections

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  1. Oh my gosh ... I'm a long time resident too. Have travelled far and wide and lived all over but this neck of the woods is by far the most beautiful. I never tire of it. Your photos make me sigh 'there's no place like home' ~ spectacular!
    (Kerry ~ The Kitchen Table Network)