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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weird & Wonderful - the extraordinary diversity of Australia's natural inhabitants

Unfortunately, as we migrate in greater numbers every year to the cities and leave the bush behind, we are steadily losing our awareness and appreciation of the magnificent legacy of globally unique flora and fauna that we Australians are so privileged to live alongside.

Due to Australia's geographical isolation and our ancient Gondwanan origins, we have some of the most startlingly unique wildlife inhabitants on the planet.

From the strangely hopping marsupials, the egg-laying duck-billed Platypus, the spiny Echidna, the outrageous Southern Cassowary, the elegant dancing Brolga and the flightless Emu to the bear-like Wombat, the big-headed laughing Kookaburra and the extravagantly coloured parrots and rainforest birds, it is truly a smorgasbord of animal delights for the many travellers who visit this extraordinary island.

Earlier this week, I joined my daughter and good friend for a day out with our cameras at Australia Zoo, a wildlife park situated on the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland.

We had an incredible day reconnecting with the animals we had seen as children on trips to the bush and discovering anew the beauty and diversity of our native fauna in a very personal way.

The images that follow represent just a few of the many species of fascinating creatures that inhabit this wonderful land.

Jabiru ~ Australia's only Stork

 Stange-looking flightless Emu bird

Southern Cassowary

 Chatty Koala

 Sleepy Koala

Grey Kangaroo

 Red Kangaroo

Red male Kangaroo



 Brolga - Australia's only native Crane

 Tasmanian Devil ~ carnivorous marsupial

Ferocious Devil

 North Western Red-faced Turtle

 Tightly coiled Carpet Python

 Venemous Brown Snake

 Green Tree Snake

Water Dragon

 Tawny Frogmouth

 Laughing Kookaburra

 Male Eclectus Parrot

Male Australian King Parrot

Male King up close

 White-headed Fruit Dove

White-headed Fruit Dove up close

Rose-crowned Fruit Dove

Emerald Dove

Emerald Dove

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  1. Wow, so different from the wildlife we live among here in the states. Great photos, Renee! Love the kangaroo! The Laughing Kookaburra looks so serious - great shot!