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An ordinary person's thoughts on the complexities of life ... or just ramblings from the mind of a working Mum with far too little time to think!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Art in the Kitchen

I seldom see wall art displayed in kitchens, yet it is the easiest and most effective way to bring life to that space where we spend such a large part of our lives. I have always had art in the kitchen. I purchased six silver square framed photographic prints of macro aspects of Australian landscapes by Australian Photographer Ken Duncan quite a few years ago to hang in my stainless steel and marble kitchen. They looked fantastic!
Two years ago, my husband pulled them down, removed the photographs and laid the frames out on the kitchen bench, instructing me to put my own photographs into the frames! He wanted more colour in the kitchen and seeing as I was an art photographer selling art into everyone else's homes, he felt strongly that we should have some of my art in our home.
I could not decide what images to use so decided that vibrant, happy colour was what was paramount and selected six eclectic and very different images. It's amazing how these six photographs changed the whole mood of my kitchen. And I have spent the last two years filling orders from friends and clients who visit my home for the same six images for their kitchens!

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  1. I can't wait to move house so I can put into place some of the decorating ideas we have discussed!